I remember when we were teenagers and just getting our licenses. I was trying to set you up with one of my best friends, and I wanted it to work out so bad (but apparently you liked me the whole time!) We were all hanging out one day, driving to see a movie (you in her car and me in mine) when my friend randomly pulled to the side of the road. I pulled over to see what was going on. You got out of her car, walked over to mine, and sat in the passenger seat. I looked over at you perplexed, and you grinned but with a worried, concerned look on your face. “I didn’t want you to have to merge on the highway by yourself. I know how much it scares you.” You were (and still are) the sweetest. Who would’ve thought that 5 years later we’d be married and that you’d still be the one to help me calm me down when merging into traffic (and reminding me to breathe when passing huge trucks in the pouring rain).

so perfect

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wir hängen wieder am glas
bei mir rumpelt es schon in den nieren

ich schmiege mich an techno
finde noch immer was, das mich trägt

die schuhe kaputt getanzt
spazieren wir barfuß im berufsverkehr

mancher hier wird denken wir hätten
die kurve nicht gekriegt

ich laufe bis zur stelle, 
an der die erde schwarz wird

vergrab füße und hände und kann
doch noch immer spüren

wie sie mit der bauchdecke gegen
meinen rücken atmet